PLANET CEILINGS offers services in the Western Cape area. We pride ourselves in providing quality products and services coupled with competitive pricing.


Planet ceilings is a Cape Town based distributor for, Gyproc Donn Saint Gobain, drywall partitions and suspended skim ceilings, interior finishing products, installation hardware, tools and supplies to commercial and residential builders throughout the Greater Cape Town Region.

With over 15 years of combined staff experience, our service team offers courteous and informed customer support for all products we sell. 

At Planet Ceilings, we believe that customer care is job one. Supplying quality materials at competitive prices, an experienced professional service staff, convenient locations, and timely safe deliveries are what consistently set us apart from our competitors.


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Saint-Gobain Gyproc introduces Activ’Air

15 October 2012
Our supplier Saint-Gobain Gyproc has announced the launch of Activ’ Air, a revolutionary plasterboard that uses an innovative technology to actively improve indoor air quality, which removes VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) from the air and keeps them out, offering a healthier living, learning and working environment.


Local lightweight building materials manufacturer, introduces latest UltraSTEEL® technology in Southern Africa

10 October 2012
Our supplier Donn, a subsidiary of Saint-Gobain Gyproc, recently announced the introduction of UltraSTEEL® 3 technology into their production facility and own the only Southern Africa and Sub-Sahara license issued by the Hadley Group UK. The patented UItraSTEEL® 3 process is a major technological breakthrough resulting from over 20 years of extensive research and development.

Launch of GypWall DuraLine

13 June 2012
Our supplier Saint-Gobain Gyproc has announced the introduction of a high impact resistance plasterboard walling system to their product portfolio in South Africa.


Products Systems
Boards GypWall
  • RhinoBoard For walls 
  • RhinoBoard For Ceiling
  • Gyprex
  • Gyptone






  • RhinoLite
  • RhinoLite Projection Plaster
  • RhinoLite Skim Plaster



  • RhinoArt Cove
  • RhinoArt Cove Pre-Mitred Corners
  • RhinoArt Cornices
  • Activ’Air
  • Classic
  • SoundBloc
  • DuraLine
  • FireStop
  • MoistureResistant
  • DryLining
  • Secure


  • Classic
  • Prestige
  • Hi-Spec



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